Committee: JudiciarySponsor: Albritton
Analyst: Lindsey ClementsDate: 03/02/2016


Senate Bill 143 as introduced and as substituted and reported by the Committee on Judiciary provides that persons desiring to unite in marriage may do so by submitting certain information for recording with the judge of probate and by filing and registering the information with the Office of Vital Statistics and also provides that the only requirement for a marriage in Alabama shall be for parties who are legally authorized to be married to enter into a marriage as provided in this bill. This bill does not provide for a specific filing fee for filing a marriage with the probate judge. However, under current law, the fee for recording a marriage license is $10. This bill further provides that the filing fee for amending information will be the same as for filing original information. This could decrease receipts to the several counties by an undetermined amount, dependent upon the number of amended documents filed, assuming persons filing amended documentation would pay the $10 recording fee. Under current law, the fee to correct a record of marriage is $15.

Further, this bill could decrease receipts to the Domestic Violence Fund of the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs, as provided for in Section 30-6-11, by an estimated minimum of approximately $2,300,000 annually by abolishing and repealing all requirements to obtain a marriage license.

This bill could increase receipts to the State General Fund, county general funds and other funds to which court costs are deposited dependent upon the number of civil actions filed to correct an error in marriage documentation under the provisions of this bill. Additionally, this bill could increase the administrative obligations of the Department of Public Health by an undetermined amount by requiring the Department to prepare a form to meet the minimum requirements of this bill.

 Cam Ward, Chairperson