Committee: Ways and Means General FundSponsor: Clouse
Analyst: Mary LawrenceDate: 03/08/2017


House Bill 155 as substituted and reported by the Committee on Ways and Means General Fund appropriates the following amounts from the following funds for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2018:

State General Fund$1,842,582,344
Other, Federal and Local Funds$13,802,666,051

In addition, this bill: (1) reappropriates for Fiscal Year 2018 to the various state agencies in this bill any amounts which are unexpended and reverted on September 30, 2017; (2) appropriates such amounts as may be necessary for Fiscal Year 2018 to the Retirement Systems of Alabama from the Senior Services Trust Fund; (3) appropriates tobacco settlement money, conditioned upon the receipt of revenue from any tobacco settlement or litigation and upon the recommendation of the Director of Finance and the Chairs of the Ways and Means General Fund Committee and the Senate Finance and Taxation General Fund Committee and approval by the Governor; (4) appropriates all funds collected under Section 40-12-43.1 to the Auburn University Center for Governmental Services for the administration of the examiner certification program established by the Alabama Local Tax Institute of Standards and Training; (5) appropriates $11,700,000 from the State General Fund, conditioned upon the availability of funds in the State General Fund and upon approval of the Governor of which $3,500,000 is for Port Authority, $8,200,000 to be conditioned solely upon the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board approving a 5% increase in the markup on retail sales and wholesale bottle sales ($6,000,000 appropriated to District Attorneys and $2,200,000 to Unified Judicial System); and (6) provides for the transfer of $31,005,000 from state agencies to the State General Fund of which $16,505,000 is from the Department of Revenue; $13,000,000 is from the Public Service Commission and $1,500,000 is from the Securities Commission.

The State General Fund appropriations include up to $9,600,000 to pay the State General Fund share of the increased employer contributions to the State Employees Insurance Board (SEIB).

 Steve Clouse, Chair
Ways and Means General Fund