Committee: State GovernmentSponsor: Pringle
Analyst: Vee MoselyDate: 02/02/2021


House Bill 124 as introduced would increase the obligations of certain self-sustaining state professional licensing boards, agencies, commissions, and interscholastic athletic organizations by an undetermined amount to publish expenditures, including contracts and grants, on their website. This bill will also increase the obligations of the Department of Finance by an undetermined amount to provide a link to these entities' expenditure information on the public home page of the State of Alabama; however, this may be offset in part, by charging a fee to publish the licensing board o interscholastic athletic organization's expenditure information. The bill will also increase the administrative obligations of the Contract Review Permanent Legislative Oversight Committee to review personal and professional service contracts entered into by a licensing board or interscholastic athletic organization.

 Chris Pringle, Chair
State Government