Committee: Governmental AffairsSponsor: Price
Analyst: Jessica PerezDate: 02/02/2021


Senate Bill 27 as introduced would allow the State Board of Auctioneers to increase, by rule, (1) examination fees for an auctioneer or apprentice and the license fee for an apprentice auctioneer by $50 (not to exceed $150), and (2) the administrative fines for violations resulting from disciplinary actions of the board from $200 minimum and $500 maximum to $200 minimum and $1,500 maximum. This bill would also add a civil penalty of $50 per day for each violation, reasonable attorney fees, and court costs, and an amount set by rule for any disciplinary proceedings against the licensee. These provisions could increase the receipts to the Alabama State Board of Auctioneers Fund by an amount that would be determined by the number of individuals that sit for the examination, apply for licensure, or are assessed fines from board disciplinary proceedings. According to the Board, there were approximately 563 licensed auctioneers, 60 apprentice auctioneers, and 99 auction companies in 2020.

Additionally, this bill clarifies certain qualifications for an applicant for an auctioneersí license, and allows for: (1) the board to set fees, by rule, relating to the administration and enforcement of the state board; (2) an auctioneer to place their license in inactive status for a fee, set by the board; and (3) the board to grant a one-time license and charge a fee, set by the board, to an out of state auctioneer that meets certain requirements.

Jimmy Holley, Chairperson
Governmental Affairs