Committee: Governmental AffairsSponsor: Jones
Analyst: Vee MoselyDate: 02/03/2021


Senate Bill 15 as introduced and as amended and reported by the Committee on Governmental Affairs further expands exemptions to the state’s competitive bid laws for local boards of education and other governmental entities by allowing an exemption for leases or lease/purchase agreements for goods or services, other than voice or wireless communication services, that are part of a purchasing cooperative sponsored by the National Association of Counties (NAC) or other governmental entities. This could increase or decrease the prices paid for lease or lease/purchase agreements for goods or services by an unknown amount dependent upon the lease or lease/purchase agreement prices these entities could have obtained under the state’s competitive bid program and the prices paid for the lease or lease/purchase agreements that are a part of a NAC or other governmental entity sponsored purchasing cooperative.

 Jimmy Holley, Chairperson
Governmental Affairs