Committee: County and Municipal GovernmentSponsor: Elliott
Analyst: Vee MoselyDate: 02/22/2021


Senate Bill 107 as passed the Senate (1) limits the police jurisdiction of certain municipalities; (2) allows municipalities to eliminate its police jurisdiction by ordinance; (3) limits the territorial jurisdiction of a municipal planning commission; (4) prohibits a municipality from regulating the construction of buildings within the police jurisdiction of the municipality; (5) prohibits the levy of business license tax or other municipal fees in the police jurisdiction of municipalities; and (6) requires the audit of any taxes and fees levied in the police jurisdiction to ensure such funds were expended in the police jurisdiction.

These provisions would: (1) increase the obligations of counties to regulate the construction of subdivisions where municipalities previously provided the service by an undetermined amount, while correspondingly decreasing the obligations of the municipality; (2) increase the obligations of certain municipalities by an undetermined amount to provide an audit report to the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts; and (3) decrease revenues of any non-compliant municipality that fails to remedy the noncompliance within 12 months, by an undetermined amount, dependent upon the amount of licenses and taxes that otherwise would have been collected in their police jurisdictions. 

 Reed Ingram, Chair
County and Municipal Government