Committee: Ways and Means General FundSponsor: Orr
Analyst: John FriedenreichDate: 02/22/2021


Senate Bill 112 as passed the Senate would reduce the current additional license tax and registration fee of either $200 or $100, established for battery or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles, respectively, pursuant to the Rebuild Alabama Act, to $50 for electric low speed vehicles (LSV) that are registered and operated on the public (non-interstate) highways of this state. Based on the number of LSV's registered in fiscal year 2020, beginning January 1, 2022, this bill would reduce LSV license tax and registration fee receipts to the following funds by the following estimated amounts:

Public Road and Bridge Fund$20,000
Counties and Municipalities$10,000
Rebuild Alabama Fund$10,000

 Steve Clouse, Chair
Ways and Means General Fund