Committee: HealthcareSponsor: McClendon
Analyst: Robin RawlsDate: 03/02/2021


Senate Bill 240 as introduced: 1) abolishes the State Board of Public Health in its capacity as the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH); 2) abolishes the position of State Health Officer (SHO) and transfers his or her duties to the Secretary of the ADPH, a new cabinet-level position appointed by the Governor; and 3) provides for the new position of State Medical Director to be appointed by the Secretary. These provisions could increase or decrease the obligations of the Alabama Department of Public Health by an undetermined amount dependent on the salaries, benefits and expenses established for the Secretary and the State Medical Director and whether they are additional employees or replacement for existing employees. For fiscal year 2021, the current annual salaries of the State Health Officer and the Chief Medical Officer are currently $289,571 and $275,941 respectively.

The bill further abolishes the State Committee of Public Health and the four councils whose chairs are members of the State Committee and transfers some of those duties to the newly created eight-member State Health Advisory Board established by the bill. This would decrease cost to the Alabama Department of Public Health for per diem and mileage associated with the current 16-member State Committee of Public Health by an estimated $2,368 per meeting of the eight-member board or $28,416 per year.

 Jim McClendon, Chairperson