Committee: Public Safety and Homeland SecuritySponsor: Hall
Analyst: Pete GroganDate: 03/02/2021


House Bill 36 as introduced prohibits the use of restraints against pregnant detainees with certain exceptions, provides reporting requirements when a pregnant detainee needs to be restrained based on criteria in the bill, and requires the Department of Corrections (DOC) to (1) provide annual reports to the Senate and House Judiciary Committees, (2) establish a process for reporting violations by a detainee, and (3) establish a training program regarding the use of restraints on pregnant prisoners.

This bill will increase obligations of DOC by a department-estimated $20,000 annually to comply with the provisions of this bill.

In addition, this bill could increase the obligations of county sheriffs and local law enforcement agencies, by an undetermined amount, to comply with the provisions of this bill.

 Allen Treadaway, Chair
Public Safety and Homeland Security