Committee: Governmental AffairsSponsor: Shelnutt
Analyst: Jessica PerezDate: 03/15/2021


Senate Bill 331 as introduced will increase the obligations of the Alabama Real Estate Commission by an undetermined amount to provide annual ethics training to members of the Commission and to adopt rules to implement the provisions of this bill.

In addition, this bill (1) authorizes the Commission to assess a penalty fee, in an amount not to exceed the maximum bad check charge, (currently $30) on any licensee submitting faulty payment which could increase receipts to the Real Estate Commission Renewal Fund (RECR) by an undetermined amount dependent upon the maximum bad check charge and the number of faulty payments submitted by licensees; and (2) expands the disciplinary actions in which the Commission may impose a fine, in an amount not less than $100 nor more than $2,500, to include unprofessional conduct and violating state and federal unfair housing practices, which could further increase receipts to the RECR Fund by an undetermined amount dependent upon the amount of any fines imposed and the number of persons violating the provisions of this bill.

 Jimmy Holley, Chairperson
Governmental Affairs