Committee: Public Safety and Homeland SecuritySponsor: Brown (K)
Analyst: Pete GroganDate: 04/12/2021


House Bill 611 as introduced (1) repeals the current prohibition on texting while driving and (2) provides new prohibitions on device usage while operating a vehicle. This bill could increase the obligations of state and local law enforcement agencies by a small undetermined amount related to the additional record keeping and reporting of traffic stops made under the provisions of this bill. This bill would also increase obligations of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, by an undetermined amount for programming its information systems to enter violations of this bill on the offender’s driver’s record.

This bill prohibits the imposition of court costs associated solely with a violation under these provisions.

A violator would be subject to the following: (1) $100 and two points on the individual’s driving record for the first offense; (2) $200 and two points on the individual’s driving record for the second offense; and (3) $300 and three points on the individuals driving record for the third and subsequent violations. This bill may increase receipts to the State General Fund and municipal general funds from fines by an undetermined amount dependent upon the number of citations issued and fines collected pursuant to this bill.

 Allen Treadaway, Chair
Public Safety and Homeland Security