Committee: Veterans and Military AffairsSponsor: Brown (K)
Analyst: John FriedenreichDate: 04/12/2021


House Bill 195 as passed the House of Representatives expands Alabama Veteran Tag Program to include veterans of the Cold War. The required issuance fee to obtain such license plate is the same as for all other license plates ($23.00 annually), and there is an additional an issuance fee of $3.00 in years when the actual metal plate is issued (initially and every five years thereafter).

The standard fee would be distributed as follows:
State General Fund$10.00
Public Road and Bridge Fund$9.30

In addition, this bill provides that persons eligible to receive this distinctive tag are also eligible to personalize such tags upon the payment of a required additional annual issuance fee of $50, for each personalized tag issued, which would be distributed as follows:
License Plate Issuing Official$1.25
Department of Corrections (manufacturing costs)$3.00
The Veterans Assistance Fund$45.75

 Tom Butler, Chairperson
Veterans and Military Affairs