Committee: County and Municipal GovernmentSponsor: Melson
Analyst: Pete GroganDate: 04/21/2021


Senate Bill 59 as amended and reported by the Committee on County and Municipal Government could decrease potential obligations of local jails by an undetermined amount dependent upon the number of people charged with offenses that receive a summons and complaint from municipal law enforcement officers instead of actual arrest.

In addition this bill requires the $35 bail bond filing fee to be assessed on each summons and complaint issued pursuant to this bill which could increase the revenues to each of the following dependent on if the bond was executed by the county or municipality: (1) either the county general, to be distributed to the Sheriff's Fund or the municipal general fund; (2) either the circuit clerk fund or municipality; and (3) the Solicitors Fund by an undetermined amount, dependent on the number of summons and complaints issued.

Further, this bill could increase receipts to the State General Fund and municipal general funds from fines; increase receipts to the State General Fund, county general funds, municipal general funds, and other funds to which court costs are deposited; and could increase the obligations of the State General Fund, district attorneys, and local jails by an undetermined amount dependent upon the number of persons charged with and convicted of failure to appear as provided by this bill and the penalties imposed.

 Reed Ingram, Chair
County and Municipal Government