Committee: State GovernmentSponsor: Pringle
Analyst: John FriedenreichDate: 04/26/2021


House Bill 127 as introduced creates the 5-member State Transportation Commission, appointed by the Governor, to be responsible for, and have the authority to assume all duties of, the Director of the Department of Transportation (ALDOT), including the appointment of the ALDOT Director (appointed by the Governor under current law).

Further, this bill sets the salary for each commissioner at 25% of a cabinet members' annual salary, which would be approximately $42,000 currently. This would increase the obligations of ALDOT by an estimated $211,000 annually for the total compensation of all the commissioners.

ALDOT is further required to provide each Commissioner with an office in the region headquarters located in his or her home region, which could further increase the administrative obligations of ALDOT by an undetermined amount.

Finally, this bill prohibits the Governor or Finance Director from withholding or redirecting funds contrary to the five-year plan or annual plan of the commission.

 Chris Pringle, Chair
State Government