Committee: JudiciarySponsor: Reynolds
Analyst: Pete GroganDate: 01/06/2022


House Bill 17 as introduced will increase the obligations of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) by an undetermined amount to obtain necessary wire tapping equipment, perform audits on the wire tapping equipment, and provide compensation for the use of facilities or technical assistance provided to the agency.

Further, this bill could increase the administrative obligations of the Attorney General, by an undetermined amount, to comply with the provisions of this bill if the Secretary of ALEA submits a written request to the Attorney General to apply for an intercept order.

In addition, this bill will increase receipts to the State General Fund from fines; increase receipts to the State General Fund, county general funds and other funds to which court costs are deposited; and could increase the obligations of the State General Fund, district attorneys, the Board of Pardons and Paroles, the Department of Corrections, and community corrections programs by an amount dependent upon the number of persons charged with and convicted of the offenses provided by the bill and the penalties imposed.

 Jim Hill, Chair