Committee: Finance and Taxation General FundSponsor: Albritton
Analyst: JT MathisDate: 02/08/2022


Senate Bill 37 as introduced would 1) reduce the State General Fund (SGF) allocation of certain insurance license fees from 50%, under current law, to 45%, as provided by this bill; and 2) reallocate this 5% of license fee receipts to the Center for Risk and Insurance Research Fund (Fund), which is created by this bill within the State Treasury and administered by the Department of Insurance. The provisions of this bill would decrease receipts to the SGF by an estimated $2.3 million per year, beginning in fiscal year 2022, and correspondingly increase receipts to the Fund by the same estimated amount.

Further this bill would 1) require the Commissioner of Insurance to establish and support the Center for Risk and Insurance Research, and 2) allow the Commissioner to transfer amounts from the Fund to a state university for the operation the Center.

 Greg Albritton, Chairperson
Finance and Taxation General Fund