Committee: Ways and Means EducationSponsor: Garrett
Analyst: Daniel DavenportDate: 03/02/2022


House Bill 267 as substituted and reported by the Committee on Ways and Means Education appropriates $282,314,668 from the Education Trust Fund (ETF) Advancement and Technology Fund, for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, as follows:

* $76,591,969 to public institutions of higher education; and

* $205,722,699 to the Department of Education to be allocated to the local boards of education, the Board of Trustees of the Alabama Institute for Deaf and Blind, the Board of Youth Services School Districts, the Board of Directors of the Alabama School of Fine Arts, the Board of Trustees of the Alabama School of Math and Science, and the Board of Trustees of the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering.

This bill further provides that 1) the funds allocated to the local school systems shall not be expended without prior approval of the State Superintendent of Education, and 2) that $1,835,441 of this amount shall be distributed to the Ed Farm Classroom of Tomorrow for technology tools and professional development services to classroom teachers.

In addition, this bill provides that all funds not expended in the current fiscal year shall not revert but be carried forward for the purpose appropriated.

 Danny Garrett, Chair
Ways and Means Education