Committee: Ways and Means EducationSponsor: Garrett
Analyst: Daniel DavenportDate: 03/02/2022


House Bill 138 as substituted and reported by the Committee on Ways and Means Education appropriates $1,283,283,616 from the Education Trust Fund (ETF) for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, as follows:

* $177,373,600 to the State Treasurerís Office for the PACT Program;

* $58.4 million to the Teachersí Retirement System for a one-time bonus for retirees of the Teachersí Retirement System;

* $652,128,556 to the ETF Advancement and Technology Fund;

* $1.25 million to Department of Commerce for ALEX: The Alabama Experience at the World Games and to support workforce efforts;

* $5.25 million to the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium of which: (1) $4 million for student dormitories renovations; (2) $500,000 for HVAC, food storage systems, and cafeteria serving line modernizations; and (3) $750,000 for replacement of a graduate student office/K12 computer laboratory building;

* $7 million to the Geological Survey to construct a new Core and Sampling Repository Building;

* $1 million to the Department of Veteransí Affairs for renovation of the Veteranís Museum in Athens;

* $1.5 million to the Fire Fighters Personnel Standards and Education Commission/Alabama Fire College for a new building for tractor-drawn training props;

* $200 million to the ETF Debt Service Sinking Fund to be used for existing debt service;

* $45 million to the Alabama Innovation Fund of which: (1) $15 million for Hudson Alpha; and (2) $30 million for Southern Research Institute;

* $111,181,460 to the ETF Budget Stabilization Fund;

* $6.98 million to the Alabama Community College System of which: (1) $3.75 million for Southern Union Community College Aviation project; (2) $3 million for Wallace State Community College-Oneonta Blount County multi-purpose complex; and (3) $230,000 for Wallace State Community College-Hanceville Winston County Learning Center project;

* $3 million to the University of South Alabama for the engineering building;

* $2 million to Tuskegee University for capital projects;

* $1 million to Alabama State University for improvements to the music and fine arts facilities;

* $3 million to the University of Alabama in Huntsville for the engineering building;

* $2 million to the University of Montevallo for electric repairs;

* $3 million to the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission for the Shuttle Pathfinder restoration;

* $500,000 to the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind;

* $700,000 to the Department of Public Health for a new mobile facility for hearing screening for the Lions Club;

* $270,000 to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education for the Best and Brightest STEM Pilot Program;

* $600,000 to the Department of Education of which: (1) $500,000 for Ed Farm; and (2) $100,000 for Kindervision;

* $100,000 to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame; and

* $50,000 to the State Commission on Physical Fitness for the Alabama Sports Council.

Danny Garrett, Chair
Ways and Means Education