Committee: Sponsor: Lovvorn
Analyst: Tiffany WeaverDate: 05/20/2022


House Bill 395 (Act 2022-360) as enacted will increase the administrative obligations of the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Board to require the board to establish and issue Hospitality Management Program licenses to state universities that meet certain criteria provided by this act. This increase in obligations may be offset, wholly or in part, by certain license fees collected and retained by the board. This act could increase receipts to the State General Fund by $1,000 for each state university or community college that obtains a license in addition to any other applicable application or renewal fee. Per the Commission on Higher Education, there were five universities and eight community colleges eligible to participate in the program at the time this bill was enacted.

In addition, this act could increase receipts to the Education Trust Fund, State General Fund, the Department of Human Resources, the Department of Mental Health, and counties and municipalities, by an undetermined amount dependent on the price of alcoholic beverages, beer, wine, and spirits manufactured and sold at retail pursuant to this act.