Committee: Sponsor: Garrett
Analyst: Daniel DavenportDate: 05/20/2022


House Bill 138 (Act 2022-395) as enacted appropriates $1,283,283,616 from the Education Trust Fund (ETF) for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, as follows:

* $177,373,600 to the State Treasurerís Office for the PACT Program;

* $58.4 million to the Teachersí Retirement System for a one-time longevity bonus for retirees of the Teachersí Retirement System;

* $750,379,137 to the ETF Advancement and Technology Fund;

* $1.25 million to the Department of Commerce to be used for ALEX: The Alabama Experience at the World Games and to support workforce efforts throughout the state;

* $5.25 million to the Marine Environmental Sciences Consortium of which: (1) $4 million for renovations of student dormitories; (2) $500,000 for HVAC, food storage systems, and cafeteria serving line modernizations; and (3) $750,000 for replacement of a graduate student office/K12 computer laboratory building;

* $7 million to the Geological Survey to construct a new Core and Sample Repository Building;

* $1 million to the Department of Veteransí Affairs for renovation of the Alabama Veteranís Museum in Athens;

* $1.5 million to the Alabama Fire Fighters Personnel Standards and Education Commission/Alabama Fire College for a new building for tractor-drawn training props;

* $3.6 million to the Department of Human Resources for the expansion/development of placements and programs designed for high risk foster children/youth, with $75,000 for Beacon House in Jasper;

* $60 million to the Alabama Innovation Fund of which: (1) $15 million for Hudson Alpha Institute for Biotechnology; and (2) $45 million for Southern Research Institute;

* $117,681,460 to the ETF Budget Stabilization Fund of which: (1) $111,181,460 to fully fund the required balance; and (2) $6.5 million for payment of advanced unreimbursed insurance claims for Jacksonville State University.

* $25,105,000 to the Alabama Community College System of which: (1) $3.4 million for Southern Union Community College Aviation project; (2) $3 million for the Wallace State Community College-Oneonta Blount County multi-purpose complex; (3) $230,000 for Wallace State Community College-Hanceville Winston County Learning Center project, (4) $2 million for the Central Alabama Community College for Marine Technology and Building Construction facility, (5) $3.47 million for the Coastal Alabama Community College Career Tech Center, (6) $1.1 million for Northeast Alabama Community College Career Planning Center, (7) $590,000 for the Gadsden State Community College-Ayers Campus for digital bulletin boards and new roofing, (8) $105,000 for capital improvements for the Gadsden State Community College-Cherokee Campus, (9) $950,000 for the Jackson County Innovation and Career Academy, (10) $3.4 million for Snead State Community College, (11) $3.38 million for Calhoun Community College for the Alabama Center for the Arts Academy, and (12) $3.48 million for Bevill State Community College;

* $2.5 million to Alabama A&M University for infrastructure improvements;

* $525,000 to Athens State University of which: (1) $250,000 for the Cyber Lab; (2) $200,000 for the Center for Excellence in Education Diversity; and (3) $75,000 for the Arts Center;

* $14,325,419 to Auburn University at Montgomery for the STEM Lab;

* $3.2 million to the University of North Alabama for the power production workforce training program;

* $3.49 million to the University of Alabama at Birmingham for the School of Dentistry-Dothan Campus;

* $2 million to Troy University for the audio-visual pilot project;

* $450,000 to the University of West Alabama for amphitheater improvements;

* $7.5 million to the University of South Alabama for the engineering building;

* $2.07 million to Tuskegee University of which: (1) $2 million for capital projects, and (2) $70,000 for memorial monument construction;

* $1.35 million to Alabama State University of which: (1) $1 million for improvements to the music and fine arts facilities, (2) $200,000 for the National Center for the Civil Rights and African Culture, and (3) $150,000 for the Forensics Sciences building;

* $18 million to the University of Alabama in Huntsville for the engineering building;

* $2 million to the University of Montevallo for electric repairs;

* $3,989,000 to the Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission of which: (1) $3 million is for the Shuttle Pathfinder restoration, and (2) $989,000 is for rocket removal at the I-65 welcome station;

* $500,000 to the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind;

* $700,000 to the Department of Public Health for a new mobile facility for hearing screening for the Lions Club;

* $2.67 million to the Alabama Commission on Higher Education of which: (1) $270,000 for the Best and Brightest STEM Pilot Program, (2) $100,000 for the Trails Foundation for the Singing River Trail, (3) $800,000 for the Alabama National Guard Education Assistance Scholarships, (4) $1.2 million for the USS Alabama, (5) $150,000 for the Museum of Flight, and (6) $150,000 for the Humanities Foundation for the Healing History Program;

* $6,875,000 to the Department of Education of which: (1) $2.8 million for the American Village for Independence Hall construction, (2) $50,000 for the Sports Officials Foundation, (3) $50,000 for the Jazz Hall of Fame for the music education program, (4) $200,000 for the Office of Math Improvement, (5) $200,000 for the Encyclopedia of Alabama, (6) $475,000 for the Stillman Teacher Prep Program, (7) $500,000 for Ed Farm; and (8) $100,000 for Kindervision;

* $100,000 to the Alabama Music Hall of Fame;

* $50,000 to the State Commission on Physical Fitness for the Alabama Sports Council;

* $475,000 to the Department of Examiners of Public Accounts for the PCG Contract;

* $1 million to the Educational Television Commission for studio renovations; and

* $475,000 to the Historical Commission for Fort Toulouse/Fort Jackson.

* $500,000 to the Alabama Supercomputer Authority for cyber security and IT support for K-12 schools.

In addition, this bill amends Act 2021-342, the Education Trust Fund Appropriations Act for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022, to earmark $1,000,000 of the unmet needs grant program for one-time recreational facility needs at Springville High School in St. Clair County and to increase the cap of the maximum individual grant amount from $250,000 to $500,000.

This bill further provides that all funds appropriated by this bill that are not expended in fiscal year 2022, shall not revert and shall be carried forward for the purposes appropriated.