Fayette County Court Costs - Drug Enforcement Fee.

Section 1. In all juvenile, traffic, criminal, and quasi-criminal cases in the juvenile, district, circuit, and municipal courts in Fayette County, a docket fee, hereinafter referred to as a drug enforcement fee, shall be assessed in each case. The drug enforcement fee shall be in an amount equal to ten dollars ($10) in each non-drug case; sixty dollars ($60) in each misdemeanor drug case; and eighty-five dollars ($85) in each felony drug case. The drug enforcement fee, when collected, shall be distributed monthly as follows: Three dollars ($3) of the fees assessed in each case shall be retained by the clerk of the court as an administrative fee and the remainder to the Drug Enforcement Fund established by the district attorney in the county or to the fund that may hereafter be prescribed by law for the drug enforcement fee.

Section 2. The drug enforcement fee shall be collected as prescribed hereinabove in all cases where the defendant is adjudged guilty, a bond forfeited, a penalty imposed, or where there is issued any alias or capias warrant of arrest, or in any other case where court costs are assessed, whether a defendant is adjudged guilty or not. The drug enforcement fee shall be in addition to and not in lieu of any other fees or costs, and shall not be waived or remitted unless all other costs and charges of court are waived.

Section 3. The district attorney for the Twenty-fourth Judicial Circuit shall establish a separate fund to be called the Fayette County Drug Enforcement Fund. All sums deposited into the fund pursuant to this amendment may be expended by the district attorney for the support of the drug task force that serves the Twenty-Fourth Judicial Circuit, including, but not limited to, the payment of any and all expenses incurred by the drug task force, and the payment of any matching monies required under the terms of any grant that may be awarded by any governmental or other entity for the support of the drug task force, the payment or supplementing of salaries for personnel of the drug task force, or for any other law enforcement purpose.

Section 4. The Legislature, by general or local law, may fix, regulate, and alter the costs and charges of courts in Fayette County and provide for their distribution. Any local law authorizing the levy of additional court costs in Fayette County enacted prior to the effective date of this amendment is ratified and confirmed.