Macon County: Amendmment to Amendment 530.

(a) In addition to any court costs and fees now or hereafter authorized to be collected, the county commission of Macon County is authorized to assess a fee not to exceed $30.00 upon the privilege of filing any initial complaint in all civil and criminal cases filed in any court, in the county, as well as a fee not to exceed $5.00 for the service of all pleadings and other documents in connection with any such action. All such fees shall be paid into the general fund and shall be applied exclusively for payment of the cost of the planning, construction, and equipping of a new county jail, or for the payment of the principal of and interest on any bonds, warrants, or other obligations issued by or on behalf of the county to finance the costs of a new jail, as well as the expenses of issuance of any such bonds, warrants, or other obligations. When the costs of planning, constructing, and equipping a new county jail shall be fully paid or when all such bonds, warrants, or other obligations have been retired, whichever last occurs, the additional fee authorized by this amendment to be collected shall no longer be collected. Provided, however, no additional fee provided herein shall be collected until 30 days after the county commission has signed a contract or contracts for the construction of a new jail and construction has actually begun.

(b) Any court costs and fees collected pursuant to this amendment that were deposited into the Macon County Road and Bridge Fund prior to the financing of the new county jail and were not pledged for the county jail, may be used by the Macon County Commission for roads and bridges.