Giving free passes or discount tickets to members of Legislature or officers exercising judicial functions.

No railroad or other transportation company or corporation shall grant free passes or sell tickets or passes at a discount, other than as sold to the public generally, to any member of the legislature or to any officer exercising judicial functions under the laws of this state; and any such member or officer receiving such a pass or ticket for himself, or procuring the same for another, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor, and, upon conviction, shall be fined not exceeding five hundred dollars, and at the discretion of the court trying the case, in addition to such fine, may be imprisoned for a term not exceeding six months, and upon conviction, shall be subject to impeachment and removal from office. The courts having jurisdiction shall give this law specially in charge to the grand juries, and when the evidence is sufficient to authorize an indictment, the grand jury must present a true bill. The circuit court or any other court of like jurisdiction in any county into or through which such member or officer is transported by the use of such prohibited pass or ticket, shall have jurisdiction of the case, provided only one prosecution shall be had for the same offense; and, provided further, that the trial and judgment for one offense shall not bar a prosecution for another offense when the same pass or ticket is used; and, provided further, that nothing herein shall prevent a member of the legislature who is a bona fide employe of a railroad or other transportation company or corporation at the time of his election, from accepting or procuring for himself or another, not a member of the legislature, or officer exercising judicial functions, a free pass over the railroads or other transportation company or corporation by which he is employed.