In order that no injury or inconvenience may arise from the alterations and amendments made by this Constitution to the existing Constitution of this state, and to carry this Constitution into effect, it is hereby ordained and declared:

1. That all laws in force at the ratification of this Constitution and not inconsistent therewith, shall remain in full force until altered or repealed by the legislature; and all rights, actions, prosecutions, claims, and contracts of the state, counties, municipal corporations, individuals, or bodies corporate, not inconsistent with this Constitution, shall continue to be valid as if this Constitution had not been ratified.

2. That all bonds executed by or to any officer of this state, all recognizances, obligations and all other instruments executed to this state or to any subdivision or municipality thereof before the ratification of this Constitution, and all fines, taxes, penalties, and forfeitures due and owing to the state, or any subdivision or municipality thereof; and all writs, suits, prosecutions, claims, and causes of action, except as herein otherwise provided, shall continue and remain unaffected by the ratification of this Constitution. All indictments which have been found, or which may hereafter be found, for any crime or offense committed before the ratification of this Constitution, shall be proceeded upon in the same manner as if this Constitution had not been ratified.

3. That all the executive and judicial officers, and all other officers in this state, who were elected at the elections held in this state on the first Monday in August, in the years eighteen hundred and ninety-eight and nineteen hundred, or who have been appointed since that time, and all members of the present general assembly, and all who may be hereafter elected members of the present general assembly, and all other officers holding office at the time of the ratification of this Constitution, shall, except as otherwise provided in this Constitution, continue in office and exercise the duties thereof until their respective terms shall expire, as provided by the Constitution of eighteen hundred and seventy-five, or the laws of this state.

4. This Constitution shall be submitted to the qualified electors of this state for ratification or rejection, as authorized and required by an act of the general assembly of this state, entitled "An act to provide for holding a convention to revise and amend the Constitution of this state," approved the eleventh day of December, nineteen hundred; and no elector shall be deprived of his right to vote at the election to be held for such purpose by reason of his not being registered.

5. That instead of the publication as required by the act to provide for holding a convention to revise and amend the Constitution, approved the eleventh day of December, nineteen hundred, the governor of this state is hereby authorized to take such steps as will give general publicity and circulation to this Constitution in a manner as economical as practicable.

6. The salaries of the executive and judicial and all other officers of this state, who may be holding office at the time of the ratification of this Constitution, and the payment of the present members of the general assembly, shall not be affected by the provisions of this Constitution.

Done by the people of Alabama, through their delegates in convention assembled in the hall of the house of representatives, at Montgomery, Alabama, this, the third day of September, anno domini nineteen hundred and one.
John B. Knox, President
Attest: Frank N. Julian, Secy
David C. Almon,
W. A. Altman,
John T. Ashcraft,
W. H. Banks,
J. H. Barefield,
W. H. Bartlett,
J. Robert Beavers,
C. P. Beddow,
D. S. Bethune,
Samuel Blackwell,
Burwell Boykin Boone,
Leslie E. Brooks,
Cecil Browne,
Thomas L. Bulger,
JohnD. Burnett,
John F. Burns (1875- 1901),
John A. Byars,
H. W. Cardon,
A. H. Carmichael,
M. S. Carmichael,
G. H. Carnathan,
Davy Crockett Case,
Reuben Chapman,
James Edward Cobb,
W. T. L. Cofer,
Thomas W. C oleman,
E. W. Coleman,
Thomas J. Cornwell,
B. H. Craig,
R. M. Cunningham,
John A. Davis,
Charles W. Ferguson,
William C. Fitts,
A. S. Fletcher,
J. M. Foster,
N. H. Freeman,
J. A. Gilmore,
William Franklin Glover,
Ed. deGraffenried,
Joseph B. Graham,
L. W. Grant,
John W. Grayson,
Leonard F. Greer, Sr.,
Charles H. Greer,
C. L. Haley,
William A. Handley ,
G. P. Harrison (1875-1901),
J. Thomas Heflin,
John T. Heflin,
Jere C. Henderson ,
Evans H inson,
Patrick W. Hodges,
Wilson P. Howell ,
Augustin Clayton Howze,
W. B. Inge,
E. C. Jackson,
Samuel C. Jenkins,
John C. Jones,
J. McLean Jones,
Thomas G. Jones ,
Richard C. Jones,
James T. Kirk,
Hubert T. Davis,
S. H. Dent,
Ed. deGraffenried ,
Joseph B. Duke,
B. T. Eley,
John C. Eyster,
T. M. Espy,
J. LeeLonc.,
T. L. Long,
Robert J. Lowe,
William T. Lowe,
Gordon Macdonald,
B. F. McMillan,
Lee McMillan,
George H. Malone,
J. T. Martin,
J. C. Maxwell,
Allen H. Merrill,
Charles H. Miller,
Joseph N. Miller,
Milo Moody,
W. O. Mulkey,
J. D. Murphree(1875-1901),
C. C. NeSmith,
J. D. Norman,
Joseph Norwood,
Wm. C. Oates (1875-1901),
Emmett O'Neal,
John W. O'Neil,
Henry Opp,
Rufus A. O'Rear,
Dabney Palmer,
George H. Parker,
John H. Parker, Sr.,
James P. Pearce,
Erle Pettus,
E. A. Phillips,
Harry Pillans,
P. H. Pitts,
John H. Porter,
John Franklin Proctor,
Henry Fontaine Reese (Dallas),
N. P. Renfro,
R. J. Reynolds,
J. J. Robinson,
W. W. Kirkland,
William N. K night,
R. B. Kyle,
Emmett W. L edbetter,
Norville R. Leigh, Jr.,
Lawrence W. Locklin ,
Tennent Lomax,
C. P. Rogers, Sr.,
John Aduston Rogers, of Sumter County, Ala.,
Wm. Hodges Samford,
W. T. Sanders,
John William Augustine Sanford,
George A. Searcy,
Henry C. Selheimer,
James O. Sentell ,
J. B. Sloan, Jr.,
Gregory L. Smith,
M ac. A. Smith,
Morgan M. Smith ,
M. Sollie,
George A. Sorrell ,
Napoleon B. Spears,
RobertE. Spragins,
J. H. Stewart,
W. H. Tayloe,
J. F. Thompson,
Watkins M. Vaughan,
Boswell deGraffenried,
Richard W. Walker,
Thomas H. W atts,
John B. Weakley,
James Weatherly,
Frank S. White,
W. W. Whiteside,
Jere N. Williams ,
GesnerWilliams (Marengo),
Arthur E. Williams,
Massey Wilson ,
Edward P. Wilson,
James J. Winn,
E. R. Morrisette,
E. D. Willett.


Whereas, It appears from the certificate of the Secretary of State and Attorney-General that on the 11th day of November, 1901, at an election held in the several counties in this State, for and against Constitution, that the whole number of votes cast "For Constitution" is one hundred and eight thousand, six hundred and thirteen (108,613), and the whole number of votes cast "Against Constitution" is eighty-one thousand, seven hundred and thirty-four (81,734).

Now, therefore, I, William D. Jelks, by virtue of the power and authority in me vested as Governor of Alabama, do declare the majority of votes cast "For Constitution" to be twenty-six thousand eight hundred and seventy-nine (26,879).

I, Therefore, proclaim that the said new Constitution so ratified shall go into effect as the Constitution of the State of Alabama on Thursday, it being the twenty-eighth day of November, 1901, and shall thereafter be binding and obligatory as such upon the people of this State.

In Witness Whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of State to be affixed at the Capitol, in the City of Montgomery, this the 21st day of November, A.D. 1901.WM. D. JELKS,Governor. By the Governor:Robt. P. McDavid,Secretary of State.(Proclamation Record, p. 129.)