Walker County Special Road Tax.

Section 1. The county of Walker, state of Alabama, shall have power to levy and collect a special road tax not exceeding fifty cents on each hundred dollars worth of taxable property in said county in addition to that now authorized or that may hereafter be authorized for the erection, construction or maintenance of the necessary public roads, bridges or ferries and in addition to that now authorized under section 215 of article XI of the Constitution, which special county tax so levied and collected shall be applied exclusively to the purpose for which the same was so levied and collected, provided, that the rate of such tax, the time it is to continue and the purpose thereof shall have first been submitted to the vote of the qualified electors of the county, and voted for by a majority of those voting at such election.

Section 2. Twenty-five per centum of all moneys derived from property lying within the municipalities and arising from the tax proposed herein shall be paid to such municipality and shall, by it, be expended for upkeep of its streets.

Section 3. The court of county commissioners, boards of revenue, or other governing body of said county may, or upon written petition of ten per centum of the qualified voters of Walker county, shall call and submit said election provided for and authorized by section 1 hereof to the qualified electors of Walker county either at the time of the general election or at a special election called for that purpose; provided, that said election shall be called and held in accordance with the law now or that may be enacted governing county bond elections, and in conformity with the general election laws of the state.