Extension of Debt Limit of Mobile County.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution, Mobile county shall continue to have and possess all of the rights, powers and authority granted to it by amendment XVIII [18] of this Constitution and shall have and possess the power and authority to become indebted for the construction or erection of public buildings, bridges and roads within the limit prescribed by section 224 of this Constitution; provided, however, that all debts incurred or bonds issued by Mobile county under the provisions of amendments XVIII [18] and XXIX [29], and this amendment, shall be in addition to the limit fixed by said section 224, and shall not be taken into account or considered in determining or arriving at the debt limit of Mobile county under said section 224, and provided further that the six and one-half percent (6 1/2 %) limitation in amendment XVIII [18] aforesaid shall be construed to refer not to the total amount of bonds issued under authority of the amendment, but to the total amount of bonds so issued which may be outstanding at any one time. And provided further, that Mobile county may become indebted, issue bonds and levy the tax as authorized by and within the limits of amendment XVIII [18] aforesaid to pay all or part of the cost of the construction or improvement of concrete or better than concrete surfaced public roads, streets and bridges in Mobile county, including those within or partly within any municipality, and also for the purpose of constructing, improving and equipping school buildings in an amount not to exceed $1,000,000 and in an amount not to exceed $4,000,000 to construct and equip a building or buildings to be used for a courthouse and jail, including the acquisition of sites therefor; however, in submitting the question of issuing school bonds and courthouse and jail bonds hereunder, the county governing body shall submit the issuance of bonds for such purposes as a single proposition. Courthouse, jail and school bonds authorized hereby shall be issued in the manner provided in chapter 7 of Title 12 of the Code of Alabama of 1940 as heretofore or hereafter amended.

Bonds issued hereunder, together with bonds now or hereafter outstanding under authority of amendment XVIII [18], together with redemption premiums thereon, shall be payable from any funds heretofore and hereafter derived from the proceeds of the tax at such rate or rates not exceeding one-half of one percentum of the assessed value of the property situated in the county which may from time to time be levied or which has been levied, under said amendment XVIII [18]. The county governing body may agree in the proceedings authorizing the issue of school bonds and courthouse and jail bonds hereunder that it will, if and to the extent necessary to prevent default in the payment of principal or interest on such bonds, use for the payment of such principal or interest, or both, as a prior lien thereon so much of the proceeds of the tax of 2 1/2 mills authorized by section 215 of the Constitution as may be necessary. Further, after 30 days from the first publication in said county of the resolution authorizing and fixing the details of any bonds authorized to be issued hereunder, such bonds and the sources of payment provided therefor in such resolution shall be incontestable in any court in this state.