Special Ad Valorem Tax for School Purposes on Real and Tangible Personal Property within Chambers County.

In addition to all other taxes now or hereafter authorized by law, the governing body of Chambers county shall have the power to levy and collect, for a period of not exceeding twelve years, a special ad valorem tax on real and tangible personal property only, situated within said county, at a rate not exceeding five mills on each dollar's worth of said real and tangible personal property, as assessed for state taxation for the preceding tax year, the proceeds of said tax to be used solely for acquiring, constructing and equipping public school buildings within said county, including public school buildings for any city school system therein; provided, however, that the special ad valorem tax authorized herein shall be levied only in the event that no other additional ad valorem tax is authorized to be levied by a constitutional amendment submitted at the 1953 regular session of the legislature; and provided further, that before said special ad valorem tax shall be levied, the question as to whether said tax shall be levied shall have first been submitted to a vote of the qualified electors of said county at an election to be called by the governing body of said county, and shall have been voted for by a majority of said qualified electors voting at said election. The election provided for herein shall be called, held, conducted and canvassed, and may be contested in the same manner as provided by law for the calling, holding, conducting and canvassing of county bond elections. Upon the expiration of any tax authorized pursuant to this amendment, no further tax shall be authorized hereunder.

In the event the said special ad valorem tax shall be authorized by a majority of the qualified electors voting on said question at said election, the governing body of said county shall thereupon be authorized to sell and issue its tax anticipation bonds for the purposes for which said tax was authorized, which bonds shall be in such amount as the governing body of said county shall designate, and shall be subject to the provisions of the general laws pertaining to the issuance of county bonds except that no further election shall be required therefor. The revenue derived from the sale of said bonds shall be expended by the Chambers county board of education for the purposes stated herein. Any bonds issued pursuant to this amendment shall be payable solely out of the proceeds of the said special ad valorem tax hereby authorized, which shall be pledged therefor, and after the issuance of said bonds, the proceeds of said tax remaining after payment of the cost of assessment and collection shall be used only for payment of the principal of and interest on said bonds, the creation and maintenance of a reserve therefor, and the redemption thereof. Said bonds shall constitute negotiable instruments although payable from a limited source and shall be eligible for the investment of trust funds. The said bonds shall not constitute general obligations of the said county and shall be in addition to all other bonds which said county has heretofore issued or is authorized to issue under the Constitution and laws of Alabama.