Altering Boundaries, Reducing Area or Abolishing Macon County.

The legislature may, with or without the notice prescribed by section 106 of this Constitution, by a majority vote of each house, enact general or local laws altering or re-arranging the existing boundaries, or reducing the area of, or abolishing, Macon county, and transferring its territory, or any part thereof, its jurisdiction and functions, to contiguous counties. Toward this end, there shall be a committee composed of the senators and representatives who now represent the counties of Bullock, Elmore, Lee, Macon, Montgomery, and Tallapoosa in the legislature, to study and determine the feasibility of abolishing Macon county or reducing its area, and to formulate the legislation deemed necessary for such purpose. The committee shall select a chairman and a vice-chairman from among their number, shall meet on the call of the chairman, and shall report its findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the legislative council on or before the first Friday in October, 1958; and the legislative council shall submit such report and any legislation proposed by the committee to the legislature at the 1959 regular session thereof. The committee shall be discharged upon the filing of its report with the legislative council. Committee members shall be entitled to receive an amount equal to their regular legislative per diem and allowances for each day they serve, not to exceed fifty days altogether. The committee may employ such engineering, technical, clerical, and Stenographic personnel as may be necessary for the conduct of its work, and may fix their compensation. The compensation and expenses of the committee and its employees, and the other necessary expenses incurred by the committee, shall be paid from any money in the state treasury not otherwise appropriated, on requisitions certified by the committee chairman; provided, that the aggregate amount to be expended by the committee shall not exceed the sum of fifty thousand dollars.