Fees, Allowances, etc., of Officers of Dallas County.

The legislature may hereafter from time to time, by general or local laws, fix, alter and regulate the fees, commissions, percentages, allowances, and compensation to be charged or received by the judge of probate, tax assessor, tax collector, sheriff, coroner, register in chancery, circuit clerk, clerk-register, and members of the court of county commissioners, board of revenue, or like governing body of Dallas county. The legislature shall also have the power and authority to place any of such officers on a salary and to provide that the fees, commissions, percentages, and allowances collected by such officers shall be paid into the county treasury from which their salaries shall be paid. The compensation of any such officer may be increased but not diminished, during the term for which he was elected or appointed, the provisions of any article or amendment of this Constitution to the contrary notwithstanding. Amendment XLVI [46] is hereby expressly repealed. The basis of compensation of all employees of Dallas county and of the above named officers heretofore fixed pursuant to authority of amendment XLVI [46] and in effect August 1, 1957, shall continue in force until otherwise fixed, altered or regulated by the legislature of Alabama by general or local laws.