Laws Placing Responsibility for County Roads in State Highway Department.

The legislature shall not hereafter by general, special or local law authorize the state highway department or any other agency of the state of Alabama, other than a court of county commissioners, board of revenue or like county governing body, to assume responsibility for the construction, repair or maintenance of all county roads or bridges within a county unless the assumption of such responsibility by the state highway department or other agency shall be approved by a vote of the duly qualified electors of the county in which such roads lie at an election held for such purpose, in the manner that may be prescribed by law. Provided, the state highway department, or other state agency may engage in the construction, repair or maintenance of a county road or bridge upon written agreement signed by the director and a majority of the members of the county governing body; and provided further that the legislature is not prohibited from authorizing the highway director or other state agency to designate certain routes or roads within a county as a part of the state highway system.