Board of Trustees of Auburn University.

Section 1. Auburn University, formerly called the Alabama Polytechnic Institute, shall be under the management and control of a board of trustees. The board of trustees shall consist of two members from the congressional district in which the institution is located, one from each of the other congressional districts in the state as the same were constituted on the first day of January, 1961, the state superintendent of education, and the governor, who shall be ex officio president of the board. The trustees shall be appointed by the governor, by and with the advice and consent of the senate, and shall hold office for a term of twelve years, and until their successors shall be appointed and qualified. The board shall be divided into three classes, as nearly equal as may be, so that one-third may be chosen quadrennially. Vacancies occurring in the office of trustees from death or resignation shall be filled by the governor, and such appointee shall hold office until the next meeting of the legislature. The members of the board of trustees as now constituted shall hold office until their respective terms expire under existing law, and until their successors shall be appointed as herein required. No trustee shall receive any pay or emolument other than his actual expenses incurred in the discharge of his duties as such. No employee of Auburn University shall be eligible to serve on its board of trustees.

Section 2. Section 266 of article 14 of the Constitution of Alabama 1901 is hereby repealed.