Warrants Payable from Proceeds of Special School Taxes in Coffee County.

In addition to all other purposes for which the county board of education or any city board of education in Coffee county is authorized by law to issue and sell warrants payable out of the proceeds from any special school tax or special tax for educational purposes generally, duly levied pursuant to this Constitution or amendments thereto, the county board of education of Coffee county or the city board of education of any city in such county is authorized to issue and sell warrants payable out of the proceeds of such special taxes for the purpose of refinancing any deficit created by proration of school funds prior to June 1, 1963. Before any warrants are issued hereunder the existence of such deficit and the amount thereof shall be determined by the state department of examiners of public accounts and certified to the board of education desiring to issue the warrants. All warrants issued hereunder shall be issued, sold, redeemed and otherwise handled in the same manner and upon the same terms and conditions as warrants issued pursuant to article 4, chapter 10, Title 52, Code of 1940.