Qualifications and Registration of Electors; Repeal of Section 181.

1. The following persons, and no others, who, if they are citizens of the United States over the age of twenty-one years and have the qualifications as to residence prescribed in section 178 of this Constitution, as amended, shall be qualified to register as electors provided they are not disqualified under section 182 of this Constitution: Those who can, except for physical disability, read and write any article of the Constitution of the United States in the English language, and makes proof of the same in such manner as may be prescribed by the legislature. The legislature shall enact general registration laws whereby upon personal application a voter may be registered and his registration continued so long as he shall remain qualified to vote from the same address, and may provide by law for ascertaining by proper proofs, the citizens who shall be entitled to the right of suffrage.

2. Article VIII, section 181, of this Constitution, as amended, is hereby repealed.