Bonds for Display of Certain Exhibits in Madison County.

The state of Alabama is authorized to become indebted for the purpose of providing and equipping permanent facilities in Madison county, Alabama for displaying certain exhibits in cooperation with the United States Department of the Army and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and in evidence of the indebtedness so incurred to sell and issue, in addition to all other bonds of the state, interest bearing general obligation bonds of the state not exceeding one million nine hundred thousand dollars ($1,900,000) in principal amount. The bonds shall be general obligations of the state of Alabama and the full faith and credit and taxing power of the state are hereby pledged to the prompt and faithful payment of the principal of the bonds and the interest thereon. The proceeds from the sale of such bonds are hereby appropriated and shall be used exclusively for the purpose of paying the expenses incurred in the sale and issuance thereof and for the construction, alteration, improvement, enlargement and equipment of exhibition buildings and related facilities, including parking areas and ramps, roadways, sewers, curbs, and gutters, but not including the purchase of sites therefor. Such buildings and facilities shall be constructed by a space science exhibit commission, or such other state agency as may be created by act of the legislature, and shall be operated by or in cooperation with the Department of the Army and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration under such arrangements as may be authorized by law.

The Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission or any instrumentality of the state created and established for the purpose of providing for such facility, its management or control, is hereby vested with the authority to provide for the sale and terms of the bonds and the issuance thereof, subject to the approval of the governor. The bonds may be sold, executed and delivered at any time and from time to time, may be in such forms, denominations, series and numbers, may be of such tenor and maturities, may bear such date or dates, may be in registered or bearer form either as to principal or interest or both with rights of conversion into another form, may be payable in such installments and at such place or places, may bear interest at such rate or rates payable and evidenced in such manner, and may contain provisions for redemption at the option of the state to be exercised by said commission at such date or dates prior to their maturity and upon payment of such redemption price or prices, all as shall be provided by the said commission in the resolution or resolutions whereunder the bonds are issued. The principal of each series of bonds shall mature in annual installments in such an amount as shall be specified in the resolution or resolutions of the said commission under which they are issued, the first of which installments shall mature not later than two years after the date of the bonds of such series and the last of which installments shall mature not later than twenty-one years after the date of the bonds of the same series. When each series of bonds is issued, the maturities of the bonds of that series shall, to such extent as may be practicable, be so arranged that during each then succeeding fiscal year of the state the aggregate installments of principal and interest that will mature on all bonds that will be outstanding hereunder, immediately following the issuance of the bonds of that series, will be substantially equal; provided, that the determination by the said commission that the requirements of this sentence have been complied with shall be conclusive of such compliance and the purchasers of the bonds with respect to which such determination is made and all subsequent holders thereof shall be fully protected thereby. None of the bonds shall be sold for less than face value plus accrued interest thereon to the date of delivery, and all of the bonds shall be sold only at public sale or sales, either on sealed bids or at public auction, after such advertisement as may be prescribed by the said commission, to the bidder whose bid reflects the lowest net interest cost to the state computed to the respective maturities of the bonds sold; provided, that if no bid deemed acceptable by the said commission is received all bids may be rejected.

The bonds shall be signed in the name of the state by the governor and countersigned by the chairman of the commission and the great seal of the state of Alabama or a facsimile thereof shall be impressed, printed or otherwise reproduced thereon and shall be attested by the signature of the secretary of state; provided that facsimile signatures of any one or any two (but not all) of said officers may be reproduced on such bonds in lieu of their manually signing the same. Coupons attached to the bonds and representing installments of interest thereon shall be signed with the facsimile signature of the state treasurer, which facsimile signature is hereby adopted as due and sufficient authentication of said coupons.

All bonds issued under the provisions of this amendment, together with the interest income thereon, shall forever be exempt from taxation in this state.

The proceeds from the sale of bonds hereby authorized, after the payment of all expenses of the sale thereof shall be set apart in a special fund in the state treasury to be designated The Alabama Space Science Exhibit Commission Fund; and such proceeds shall be used solely for the purposes, hereinabove enumerated, for which the bonds are authorized to be issued.

The provisions of this amendment shall be self-executing and no further authorization from the legislature shall be a prerequisite to the validity of any bonds issued hereunder. However, the legislature may enact appropriate legislation implementing its provisions.