Bonds for Civic Centers in Certain Counties.

Any corporation heretofore or hereafter created in any county of the state having a population of 500,000 according to the last or any subsequent federal census, for the purpose of establishing, maintaining and operating a civic center in the municipality in which the county seat of such county is situated, shall be authorized, without the necessity of any election, to issue bonds, warrants or other evidence of indebtedness, and to pledge for the payment of the principal and interest due thereon the revenue received, or to be received, by such corporation, and also to pledge for such payment the proceeds derived, or to be derived, from any taxes made payable by the act, or acts, levying such taxes to the said public corporation, any provision of the Constitution of Alabama to the contrary notwithstanding. No securities issued by such corporation shall be considered indebtedness of such county or any municipality therein within the meaning of sections 224 and 225 of the Constitution of Alabama. The rent or rentals that the county or the said municipality may be obligated to pay under the terms of any lease between the said corporation and the said county or the said municipality shall not be considered in determining whether the county or the municipality has exceeded the debt limitation prescribed for the county or the municipality, as the case may be, by any provision of the Constitution of Alabama.