Special School Tax in School District No. 1 of Talladega County.

1. The governing body of Talladega county shall have power to levy and collect annually a special school district tax not exceeding thirty cents on each one hundred dollars worth of taxable property in school district number one, Talladega county, as assessed for state taxation, for public school purposes, provided the rate of such tax, the time it is to continue and the purpose thereof shall have been first submitted to a vote of the qualified electors of the district and voted for by a majority of those voting at such election. Such tax shall be in addition to all other taxes provided for by law. The funds arising from such special district tax levied and collected by the county shall be expended for the exclusive benefit of the district. Elections under this amendment shall be called, held, and conducted in the same way that elections are called, held, and conducted in relation to the levying of special school district taxes under the third amendment to the Constitution.

2. If a majority of the qualified electors of school district number one, Talladega county, who participate in the election on the adoption of this article of amendment vote in favor of such adoption, then the approval of the amendment as expressed by such vote shall of itself authorize the levying of the special tax provided for herein at the maximum rate specified for a period not exceeding twenty years.