Special Tax in School Districts of Calhoun County.

In addition to any taxes now authorized or that may be hereafter authorized by the Constitution and laws of Alabama, each school district in Calhoun county, except the school district comprising the city of Anniston, shall have the power to levy and collect for public school purposes in such district an annual special ad valorem tax on the taxable properties in such district at a rate not exceeding in any one year five mills on each dollar of the value of the said properties as the same shall be assessed for state taxation; provided that prior to the levy of any special tax authorized in this paragraph, there shall be submitted to the electors of the district in which the tax is proposed to be levied, at a special election called for that purpose in the said district, the question of whether the said tax or any part thereof shall be levied, the rate thereof, the time it is to continue (which shall not exceed thirty years), and the purpose thereof, and the said tax shall be authorized at such election by a majority of the qualified electors of the district voting at such election; provided further, that if a majority of the qualified electors of any of the said districts participating in the election on the ratification of this amendment shall vote for the ratification of this amendment, then the approval of this amendment as expressed by the vote in said district in favor of its ratification shall, of itself, authorize the levy and collection of the said special tax for public school purposes in that district for a period of thirty years commencing with the levy for the tax year for which taxes will become due and payable to the said district on the October 1 next following the date of the said election on the ratification of this amendment.

Elections on the question of the levy of a district tax under the provisions of this amendment may be held at any time and from time to time, provided, that if at any such election held after the ratification of this amendment the proposal to levy the tax so submitted should be defeated then the proposal may not be submitted at another election held in the same district within one year from the last election held under this amendment. Each such election held after the ratification of this amendment shall be called and held, the results declared, and the tax levied and collected in the same manner as now or hereafter provided by law in the case of school district taxes authorized by amendment III [3] to the Constitution of Alabama, except that no countywide tax shall be required as a condition precedent for a district tax under this amendment.

The funds arising from the district tax herein authorized to be levied in each school district shall be expended for the exclusive benefit of the school district in which such district tax is levied. Nothing in this amendment shall be deemed to prevent the consolidation of any two or more school districts in Calhoun county in accordance with the applicable provisions of general law.