Development, Improvement, etc., of State Docks Facilities at Port of Mobile.

Any provision of the Constitution of Alabama or amendments thereto to the contrary notwithstanding, the state shall have the power to engage in works of internal improvement in connection with the development, construction, improvement, expansion, and modernization of the state docks facilities at the Port of Mobile.

The legislature may by appropriate laws authorize the state to become indebted and, in evidence of such indebtedness, to sell and issue its interest bearing general obligation bonds, in an aggregate principal amount not exceeding forty-five million dollars ($45,000,000), for the purpose of paying costs of the development, construction, improvement, expansion and modernization of the state docks facilities at the Port of Mobile, as the said facilities may at any time exist. The full faith, credit, and taxing powers of the state are hereby pledged to the prompt and faithful payment at their respective maturities of the principal of and interest on the bonds. The said bonds may be additionally secured by any special pledges that may be provided for by the legislature.

The legislature may, by appropriate laws, provide for the organization of a public corporation with power to act for the state in the authorization, sale, issuance and approval of disbursement of proceeds of the said bonds and any bonds that may hereafter be issued for the purpose of refunding them. The said public corporation shall consist of the governor, the director of finance, one member of the senate, appointed by the president of the senate, one member of the house of representatives, appointed by the speaker and the director of the state docks department, each of whom shall be members of its board of directors.

The legislature shall implement the provisions of this amendment by appropriate legislation.