Special Property Tax for Control of Mosquitoes, Rodents and Other Vectors of Public Health and Welfare; Significance in Mobile County.

The legislature may authorize the levy and collection of a one mill ad valorem tax in Mobile county on real and tangible personal property that is subject to such tax under the laws of this state for the purpose of controlling mosquitoes, rodents and other vectors of public health and welfare significance, and any acts of the legislature on this subject applicable to Mobile county that were enacted prior to the adoption of this amendment are hereby validated and reconfirmed. Provided however, such enabling legislation shall not become effective until this amendment is, or its provisions are, approved by a majority of the electors of Mobile county voting at the election held for the purpose of approving this amendment, or at any election at which such a proposal is submitted. In the event this amendment passes, but does not receive a majority vote of the Mobile county electorate, voting at the election, the county governing body of Mobile county may by resolution submit a similar proposal to the electors of Mobile county for their approval; however, no such proposal shall be submitted to the people more often than every two years.