Local Public Service Districts in Shelby County.

The legislature may, by general or local law, provide for the creation, incorporation, organization, operation, administration, and financing of local districts within Shelby county as public corporations to provide any one or more of the following local public services: (a) fighting and prevention of fires; (b) the operation of emergency medical services, including rescue and ambulance service; authorize such district to fix and collect rates, fees and charges for such services, and to provide penalties for nonpayment and liens upon the property within such district; authorize the borrowing of money and the issuance of bonds and other obligations by or on behalf of such district; provided that Shelby county shall not be responsible for any such bond or obligation and no such bond or obligation shall be chargeable against the limit on the debt of Shelby county. This amendment shall not have been adopted unless a majority of the qualified electors of Shelby county who participate in the election held on the adoption of this amendment vote in favor thereof. Any law enacted at the current session of the legislature to authorize the creation of such districts in Shelby county and to implement this amendment to the Constitution (with published notice of intention) shall become effective upon the ratification of this amendment.