Fire Fighting Districts and Fire Protection in Russell County.

The county commission of Russell county is hereby authorized to establish fire fighting districts within such county and enter into agreements with volunteer fire departments within such county for fire protection and services. Said districts shall exclude any corporate municipality which does not request through its governing body by resolution to be made a part of and subject to the provisions of this amendment.

The county commission of Russell county shall, at its next meeting after passage and approval of this amendment, appoint a committee consisting of the chief of each volunteer fire department within the county. The purpose of this committee will be to keep the commission informed and advised as to the status and needs of the departments and to assist the commission in the setting of priorities regarding fire protection and services.

The county commission may, in its discretion, authorize the expenditure of public funds in support of any fire district.

The Russell county commission may, upon recommendation of this committee, appoint a county fire marshal whose principal duty shall be the coordination of all fire protection within the county. This fire marshal shall perform such other tasks related to fire protection as may from time to time be assigned to him by the county commission.

This amendment is not intended nor shall it be construed to limit the authority or scope of the volunteer fire departments within Russell county or their operation within said county.