Indemnification Program for Peanut Farmers.

The legislature may hereafter, by general law, provide for an indemnification program to peanut farmers for losses incurred as a result of Aspergillus flavus and freeze damage in peanuts. The legislature is further authorized to provide means and methods for the financing of any such indemnification program by prescribing a procedure whereby peanut growers may by referendum among such growers levy upon themselves and collect assessments, fees or charges upon the sale of peanuts for the financing of any such indemnification program in cooperation with buyers, processors, dealers and handlers of peanuts; provided, no assessment levied hereunder shall exceed five dollars per ton on any peanuts sold by peanut growers. The legislature shall provide for the collection and distribution of any such assessments and provide penalties for fraud in the collection or distribution of such assessments. The legislature shall provide for the designation of a nonprofit association or organization organized for the promotion and betterment of peanut production to administer and carry out such indemnification program which shall include the conducting of elections or referendums among peanut growers and to cooperate with underwriters in executing a contract or contracts to cover claims for crop damage due to Aspergillus flavus or freeze damage. Assessments, fees or other charges collected or disbursed as authorized by any legislative act adopted in pursuance hereof shall not be considered as a tax within the meaning of this Constitution or any provision thereof.