Costs and Charges of Court and Compensation of Judge of Probate of Franklin County.

The legislature may, by general or local laws, fix, alter, and regulate the costs and charges of court and the fees, commissions, percentages, allowances, and salary, including the method or basis of his compensation, to be charged or received by the judge of probate of Franklin county, and may place the judge of probate on a salary and provide that the fees, commissions, percentages, and allowances collected by the judge of probate shall be paid into the county treasury from which his salary shall be paid. The provisions of this constitutional amendment shall not be implemented in Franklin county until implementation is approved by a vote of a majority of the qualified electors of Franklin county voting in an election called by the county governing body to determine said issue; provided, however, that if a majority of the qualified electors of Franklin county who participate in the election held on the adoption of this amendment vote in favor thereof, no further election need be held.