Operation of Bingo Games in Mobile County.

The operation of bingo games for prizes or money by certain nonprofit organizations for charitable, educational, or other lawful purposes shall be legal in Mobile county, subject to the provisions of any resolution or ordinance by the county governing body or the governing bodies of the respective cities and towns, within their respective jurisdictions as provided by law regulating such operation. The said governing bodies shall have the authority to promulgate rules and regulations for the issuance of permits or licenses and for operation of bingo games, within their respective jurisdictions; provided, however, that said governing bodies must ensure compliance pursuant to said law and the following provisions:

(a) No person under the age of 19 shall be permitted to play any game or games of bingo, unless accompanied by a parent or guardian; nor shall any person under the age of 19 be permitted to conduct or assist in the conduct of any game of bingo;

(b) No bingo permit or license shall be issued to any nonprofit organization, unless such organization shall have been in existence for at least 12 months immediately prior to the issuance of the permit or license;

(c) Bingo games shall be operated only on the premises owned or leased by the nonprofit organization operating the bingo game. If the premises is leased, the rate or rental shall not be based on a percentage of receipts or profits resulting from the operation of bingo games;

(d) No nonprofit organization shall enter into any contract with any individual, firm, association or corporation to have said individual or entity operate bingo games or concessions on behalf of the nonprofit organization, nor shall said nonprofit organization pay consulting fees to any individual or entity for any services performed in relation to the operation or conduct of a bingo game;

(e) A nonprofit organization shall not lend its name or allow its identity to be used by any other person or entity in the operating or advertising of a bingo game in which said nonprofit organization is not directly and solely operating said bingo game;

(f) Prizes given by any qualified nonprofit organization for the playing of bingo games shall not exceed the cash amount or gifts of equivalent value, set by the legislature, during any bingo session. The legislature shall set a maximum amount for any calendar week;

(g) No person or organization, by whatever name or composition thereof, shall take any expenses for the operation of a bingo game except as permitted by law.

The provisions of this constitutional amendment shall be self-executing, but the legislature shall have the right and power by general, special or local act to adopt laws supplemental to this amendment or in furtherance of the general purposes and objectives herein set forth.