Eradication or Control of the Boll Weevil in Cotton.

Notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution, the legislature may hereafter, by general law, provide for the eradication or control of the boll weevil in cotton. The legislature may provide for and is authorized to provide means and methods for the financing of this activity by prescribing a procedure whereby cotton growers may, by referendum held among such growers in this state, levy upon themselves and collect assessments, fees and charges, based upon the amount of acreage of cotton planted. The legislature is authorized to make provisions for non-payment of such assessments. The legislature shall provide for the collection and distribution of assessments or charges authorized hereunder and to provide penalties for failure to pay said assessments. The legislature shall provide for the designation of a non-profit organization which has been organized for the purpose of eradicating or controlling the boll weevil in cotton; to administer and carry out said eradication or control program; to also include conducting elections or referendums among cotton growers.

The legislature shall further provide for the deposit, withdrawal, disbursement and expenditure by the designated organization of any funds received, subject to the supervision and control of the activities authorized herein by the state department of agriculture and industries and the state board of agriculture and industries. Assessments, fees, or other charges collected as authorized by any legislative act adopted under authority hereof shall not be considered as a tax within the meaning of this Constitution or any provision thereof. The legislature shall further provide a procedure for the examination and auditing of said organization and for reasonable rules and regulations to be adopted by the state board of agriculture and industries; to effectively carry out the intent and purposes herein enumerated. Any uniformity requirements of this Constitution shall be satisfied by the application of the program to eradicate or control the boll weevil in cotton.