Tax Increment Districts in Counties and Municipalities.

Any other provision of the Constitution heretofore adopted to the contrary notwithstanding, the legislature is hereby authorized to enact legislation permitting municipalities and counties to establish tax increment districts, as may be defined in such legislation; to authorize the payment to any such municipality or county of the increase in ad valorem taxes resulting from the redevelopment or revitalization of any such district except to the extent that any such payment would jeopardize the payment of any bonded indebtedness secured by any tax applicable in the proposed district; and subject to the mutual agreement of the municipality and county affected thereby to provide that all such increases in ad valorem taxes shall be payable to such municipality or county until the indebtedness or costs incurred for any project have been paid in full; to provide that public moneys, including the proceeds of obligations issued by the municipality or county for such purposes, may be expended for the acquisition of property and the redevelopment, rehabilitation or conservation thereof which may be disposed of to or for the benefit of private interest for compensation established by the governing body of county or municipality, as the case may be which established such district, but for not less than the fair market value thereof determined by one or more independent appraisals of such property; and to provide that any such obligations shall not be chargeable against the constitutional debt limit of the issuer unless such obligations shall be general obligations of the issuer in addition to being payable from such increases in property taxes. Any legislation passed at the same session of the legislature at which this amendment is proposed, which shall be in furtherance of or in implementation of the authority hereby granted is hereby validated and confirmed.