Additional Ad Valorem Tax in Morgan County.

In Morgan county, if the tax or the continuation of an expiring tax for specified purposes or for purposes other than originally levied, not exceeding one and one-half (1 1/2 ) mills on each dollar of taxable property in the county, by vote of a majority of the affected qualified electors of the county who participate in any election called for that purpose, the governing body of Morgan county shall continue for other than the original purposes, or levy and collect in addition to any and all other taxes authorized by law said ad valorem taxes until the Mallard-Fox creek project bond issue is repaid, for 25 years or whichever first occurs. An election shall be called by the county governing body as they deem necessary and such election shall be conducted in the manner which said governing body prescribes; provided, however, a public hearing with notice shall first be called on the subject at which a majority of the members of the county commission approve a resolution therefor.

The provisions of this amendment shall be construed in pari materia with any and all other amendments relating to Morgan county and ad valorem taxation.