Pike County Government Modernization.

Any provision of the Constitution or laws of the state of Alabama or local laws to the contrary notwithstanding, in order to modernize the operation of government in Pike county, the legislature may, during the current session of the legislature, provide by local act all of the following:

1. The county unit system in Pike county, for the construction, operation and maintenance of its roads and bridges, with the removal of road districts, effective January 1, 1989; and

2. The abolition of the offices of tax assessor and tax collector of Pike county and the creation of the office of revenue commissioner, and transfer of all duties, authority, records, assets and funds of both offices; and

3. The separation of the offices of judge of probate and chairman of the county commission of Pike county, effective 1994, and setting the compensation for such judge, and providing for the salary for office of chairman of county commission serving full time.

In the event this amendment is approved by a majority of the qualified electors of Pike county who vote thereon in favor of the adoption of all three of the provisions of this amendment when it is submitted, then any law theretofore or thereafter passed, which implements this amendment, may become effective without any other election having been held thereon; in the event this amendment fails and a majority of the qualified voters in Pike county voting thereon vote against its approval, such acts or act shall become null and void, and no one provision of this amendment shall become law unless all provisions are approved, or unless the acts are separately resubmitted to the qualified electorate of Pike county for approval thereof. All three proposals in one act shall not be deemed to contravene Section 45 of the Constitution of 1901.

The ballot on the approval of this amendment shall be substantially as follows:

"Do you approve the Pike County Government Modernization Amendment? Yes ... . No ... ."

The provisions of this amendment are self-executing as herein provided.