Washington County Fire Districts.

The Washington county commission is hereby authorized in its discretion to establish fire districts within the geographical boundaries of Washington county. The boundaries of such fire districts may be rearranged at the discretion of the county commission as it deems necessary from time to time, to maximize fire protection services in the county. The county commission may use the corporate limits of the various towns and municipalities in the county as boundaries for fire districts. In such situations, such town or municipal fire district shall have its own volunteer fire department functioning within its boundaries. Each fire district established in an area located outside of the corporate limits of a town or municipality shall likewise have its own volunteer fire department functioning strictly within its district boundaries.

The county commission is further authorized to enter into agreements with volunteer fire departments within such county for fire protection and services.

There is hereby levied commencing October 1, 1989, in addition to any taxes now authorized or that may be hereafter authorized by the Constitution and laws of Alabama, a fire protection tax of two mills. The fire protection tax levied herein shall be based upon the value of real and personal property assessed by affected property owners, as shown on the records of the tax assessor of Washington county, Alabama, and shall be assessed and collected as are all ad valorem taxes in the county. The amount collected each year from assessment of this fire protection tax shall be paid into the county general fund and used in furtherance of fire protection within the affected area.