Court Costs in Cherokee County.

In addition to any court costs and fees now or hereafter authorized, and notwithstanding any other provisions of the Constitution, including without limitation sections 96, 104 and 105 of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, there shall be an additional $20.00 fee assessed and taxed as costs on each civil and criminal case hereafter filed in the circuit court, district court, probate court or any municipal court in Cherokee county. The aforementioned $20.00 fee/assessment in no way can be waived by any court unless all other fees, assessments, costs, fines and/or charges associated with said case are waived. Such fees, when collected by the clerks or other collection officers of such courts, shall be paid into the general fund of Cherokee county to be used for the planning, designing, construction, financing and operation of a new county jail. This amendment shall be self-executing and shall require no enabling legislation.